Paul Strange
Age: 29
Despite being born into a family of supernatural investigators\hunters, Paul only started his business two years ago. before that he had led a wild and turbulent life. Among others, it was his love of private eye radio shows that convinced him to take up the family trade, despite it not being very lucrative. He is adequate at at dealing with the supernatural, but tends to distrust it.
He has a pair of small horns on his forehead, which He claims appeared due to a work accident. He keeps his hat on as much as possible. Lately he's become overly self conscious about his rising hairline. He tends to avoid combing his hair in fear it will fall off.
Millicent Archer
Age: 20
Millie has always lived in the shadow of her older sister. Her affluent parents never expected much from her, and she hasn't done much with her life, having little ambition and not many options. After her sister's death, she dropped out of the women's college she was attending. She tried working in several jobs, but hasn't managed to last more than a few months in any of them. She finds the paranormal frightening yet exciting.