» Comics - 28 - 21 Feb 2013 06:40 pm

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Author Comments:

Grey Annis, 21 Feb 2013 06:51 pm ( Reply )

- And the little brother makes his appearance.

Advertisement, 25 Oct 2016 01:35 am ( Reply )


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Reader Comments:

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Beautiful page, G.A.!
Great classic "look" on the cop...
but I'm guessing he's going to be too late to make a difference.

posted by Emor (Guest) on 21 Feb 2013 08:20 pm

  ( Reply )

"And the little brother makes his appearance".
So is the vampire the little brother of the victim?

I wonder if these two are also going to be dead.

posted by Bob (Guest) on 22 Feb 2013 01:59 am

( Reply )

@Bob: He's the little brother of the vampire Strange went to talk to earlier.

posted by RoboKitty on 22 Feb 2013 11:49 am

  ( Reply )

Okay, I officially love this comic. Everything about it, the noir elements, the writing style, the art style, and how adorable millie is. I hope more is coming

posted by Chesire (Guest) on 16 Apr 2013 01:03 am

( Reply )

Lovely art as always. Why am I reminded of the movie "Lost Boys" by this chapter?

posted by Santa Gata on 10 Jun 2013 03:07 am

  ( Reply )

I'm sure I'm not the only one that keeps checking in here at least once a week, hoping for Grey Annis' return to "Strange Investigations"...

Now that the pressure is off from the finals' animation project, maybe there will be time and inspiration....

posted by Emor (Guest) on 06 Aug 2013 06:37 pm

  Updates? ( Reply )

This is fantastic... It's been quite a while since an update. Is this still being developed?

posted by The Doxologist (Guest) on 05 Sep 2013 03:05 pm

  Will begging help? ( Reply )

More comic please? Pleeeeeeeeeeease?! Sigh....(makes note to check back again next year)

posted by Number 6 (Guest) on 20 Sep 2013 11:05 pm

  Great comic! ( Reply )

I almost didn't read it because it appears to be dead, but I will just stalk you on Tumblr and hope to catch you when (if?) this resumes!

posted by Sybarite (Guest) on 13 Dec 2013 04:44 pm

  ( Reply )

This is a really, really inspiring comic. The combination of noir-ish and the mysterious...

posted by Lemniskate (Guest) on 07 Jan 2014 02:56 pm

  More Please! ( Reply )

Please continue this comic!

posted by Intrigued One (Guest) on 28 Jan 2014 05:18 pm

  Pleeeeeeeeeaseeee... ( Reply )

I just discovered this comic and love it. Will it continue? Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaseeeee...

posted by Guest (Guest) on 23 Jul 2014 05:55 am

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